The five-member Prague band Rejbele (violin, flute, guitar, accordion, percussion) play lively klezmer, oriental melodies or moving balkan tunes in odd time signatures: everything is made in their own custom arrangements, while keeping the original character and mood of the traditional folk tunes. Ever since the autumn of 2015, the band keep meeting in their little basement studio to come up with ways to delight the demanding ear of the listener, to conjure a wrinkle of solemnity, to stir up joy and pour energy into the dancing crowd of every age. In December 2018, the band made their debut with a CD called “Z liché kapsy”, and they’re already preparing their next musical adventures.

Since the very beginning, Rejbele consisted basically of the same members, except their double bass was recently replaced by an accordion. It’s interesting that all band members have their own jobs, unrelated to music, and they’re investing time and effort into music and these genres thanks to pure love and fascination by the exotic melodies, harmonies and rhythms.

The band plays their solo concerts, or with bands that are related in in terms of genre or personally. Rejbele are used to play fully unplugged, so they enjoy everything from street gigs to ancient synagogue premises, but they’re playing at musical festivals as well, where their natural sound is reinforced by technology. This year, the listener can enjoy the band at spring and summer festivals, meet the band in the city streets, vernissages, weddings, as part of musical and/or literary programmes and events, but also as a part of ceremonial occasions in the academical environment, and even abroad.